Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Historical Report

I spent some time at church today looking at old Annual Reports in preparation for producing the report for this year. This one is the earliest I found, from 1983. I realized looking at it that my job is so much easier than theirs was (thanks to computers and photocopiers), and that this typewritten, partly handwritten, mimeographed report is just fine, and that I shouldn't stress over this year's report. At least--I'm still stressing, but my perspective is a little better.


Cynthia said...

For some reason seeing that photo reminds me of the first job I had.. it was 1984 and they still used a PEG BOARD for their accounting... egads.. I had never even HEARD of a peg board system in my accounting classes (LOL). I wasn't there too long before I was able to convince them they needed a COMPUTER!

Kathy in WA said...

Sorry for the stress but I love the new perspective. Life is certainly easier with computers! :)

Emily said...

I second Kathy's comment . . .thank goodness for computers . . they make life so much easier.