Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dining Room Floor

Last night we ripped the carpet off the floor in the dining room. I always thought having carpet in a dining room was a bad idea, and if I'd known it was as easy to get rid of as it turned out to be, I'd have done it years ago. We will have to get the floor refinished, but I'm loving the wood already.


Ginger said...

The floors are beautiful! Makes you wonder why someone would cover it up with carpet. My MIL pulled up her old, ugly carpet in a spare bedroom to discover beautiful wood floors. Hers needed to be refinished too, but even needing that, they were much prettier than the old carpet ever was! (BTW, she refinished them herself and they are beautiful.)

Kathy in WA said...

We had carpeting in our dining room at one house. Bad idea! I can't imagine why anyone would cover up such a pretty wood floor with carpeting. I'm so glad you were able to pull it up. They look great.

Berry Patch said...

We once lived in a duplex while in college. The kitchen and bathrooms were fully carpeted. The living room & bedrooms were wood floors. I always thought of that as a bit backwards. :-)