Thursday, January 11, 2007

My "Office"

My "office" is just a desk built into the corner of our kitchen. Here it is in its natural (i.e., messy) state: bulletin board covered with business cards, appointment cards, missionary pictures, prescriptions, coupons, iTunes Gift Card waiting to be spent, Amazon Rewards Certificate likewise waiting to be spent, and so on; gadgetry and associated cables on the desk; Apple iBook computer; and--well, and paper stuff.

I'd rather take a pretty picture every day, but life isn't like that. Today life was more like this--not bad, really, just kind of cluttered and busy and normal.


Kathy in WA said...

Ah, but that is life, isn't it. Not too bad, a little cluttered, busy. Nice to see a snapshot of your office.

Queen Bee said...

LOVED the snapshot of your desk. I would take a picture of mine, but you really couldn't even see it today since I have many projects in the works right now (LOL).