Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wishing for Winter Weather

I bought myself a Magnetic Poetry calendar for 2007; today's picture shows the lower flap, on which we've arranged some of the included words. I started this warm-weather complaint a couple days ago, but I think each of the kids has added to it. Can you tell it's been unseasonably warm here in Connecticut?


Kristine said...

Laura, you know I have your snow! It's been at least a week and I'm still slipping and sliding up my street. It's even been in the 40-50s for the past two days. I got my car stuck in a PARKING spot at the library today. Now I feel like I know what it is to live in Michigan, Ohio, NY . . . and I don't like it one bit!!!

Laura in CT said...

I know, Kristine. We look at the pictures on your blog in envy! Today's high here is supposed to be around 60--ugh. What's the saying? The snow is always deeper on the other side of the country?

Queen Bee said...

LOL! That is WARM! We've also been a bit warmer than usual, but I'm dreaming of WARMER weather not colder (LOL). I *KNOW* we need to have some more snow this winter though or it'll be a long dry summer.