Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is my camera. I took the picture with the camera phone you can see in the LCD screen. The flip-out LCD screen is probably my favorite feature on this camera; it is especially handy for self-portraits. The camera phone takes pretty decent pictures as well, for a camera phone, and several of my Project 365 photos, obviously including this one, were taken with it, since it is easier to carry with me than the Canon.


Debbie said...

Laura, what kind of camera is it? I have been enjoying your photos!

Laura in CT said...

Debbie, it's a Canon Powershot A95, now I guess an "old" model, though I've only had it a year or two. It's not as pocketable as some, but it feels good in my hand and has plenty of settings options, and I'm very happy with it.

Queen Bee said...

Mine is also a Canon which I LOVE! I still hope to upgrade my "real" camera one day.. Our fully automatic or fully manual lens will all fit on the new REBELS which I hope to get some day... but for now my little Canon Powershot is VERY handy to carry in my pocket or purse.