Thursday, February 22, 2007

Salon Shelves

I got my hair cut today. I am pretty shy about using a camera in public places where cameras aren't often seen, but I screwed up my courage for this picture.


Kathy in WA said...

Nice collection of hair products? Is it a nice salon? I need to get my hair colored and pluck my eyebrows (a never ending job, it seems). Sorry to get so personal there. Have you ever had your eye brows waxed? Ouch! Hurts but they sure make my brows look great.

Strange topic, sorry.

Debbie said...

Way to go, Laura.

I've gotten very bold (annoyingly so sometimes) with my photo taking. I bring the silly thing everywhere with me. I even took pixs of my dd having stitches! She did draw the line at me taking pictures while she had her root canal! :-p

Queen Bee said...

Sorry to ask you a question on Laura's blog and you may not even go back this far to see the question, but did you say your dd had a root canal? Poor thing! I just had my 1st (and hopefully only) one a few weeks ago.

I also take my camera everywhere now and have had people look at me funny when taking what seems like strange pictures to them (LOL).